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Acoustical Analysis & Design

ISE's staff is formally trained in the requisite fields of acoustics, fluid mechanics, and gas dynamics allowing us to analyze a problem at a much more technical level than our competitors. All work is structured to correspond with project siting, design sequencing, and applicable federal, state, and local ordinances and requirements.

Typical environmental noise and general acoustical services provided by ISE include:

  • Noise analysis for environmental impact studies compliant with CEQA, NEPA, EPA, and HUD.
  • Advanced acoustical modeling using various tools including the IS3 field propagation model.
  • Descriptive acoustics and contouring using GIS methods.
  • Underwater acoustics.
  • Roadway, rail, and airport land use compatibility noise studies.
  • FHWA Traffic Noise Model (TNM) assessments.
  • DoD Air Installation Compatibility Use Zone (AICUZ) noise studies.
  • FAA Integrated Noise Model (INM) assessments.
  • Master Plan acoustical assessments, General Plan studies and updates.
  • Industrial and construction worker noise analyses.
  • OSHA and Cal-OSHA dosimetry studies and hearing conservation programs.
  • Mitigation monitoring programs and systems.
  • Acoustical barrier design.
  • Spectral, octave-band, and sound power analyses.
  • Active and passive noise control technology.
  • Acoustical laboratory testing.

Featured Video Clip

ISE performing load testing of concrete test specimens to determine its axial compressive failure characteristics.  

In this example, you can see quite dramatically how concrete fails under a compressive load. Once the ultimate stress is reached, the load carrying capacity of the material rapidly drops off producing the fracturing seen in the video.