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ISE's Noise Monitoring & Noise Control Solutions

ISE specializes in custom noise control and monitoring solutions for every imaginable industry application. Whether it is something as simple as a diffractive noise barrier or active monitoring and control - we've got you covered.

Typical noise control and mitigation solutions include:

  • Standard barrier design and abatement following applicable federal (FHWA), state, and local protocols.
  • Advanced acoustical modeling using various tools including the IS3 field propagation model.
  • Field monitoring, Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting (MMRP) compliance, and active warning systems.
  • Biological noise monitoring and compliance in accordance with USFWS and CDFG protocols.
  • Active and passive noise control solutions.
  • Small-scale anechoic laboratory testing.

Featured Video Clip

ISE performing load testing of concrete test specimens to determine its axial compressive failure characteristics.  

In this example, you can see quite dramatically how concrete fails under a compressive load. Once the ultimate stress is reached, the load carrying capacity of the material rapidly drops off producing the fracturing seen in the video.