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Investigative Science & Engineering, Inc. (ISE) offers a full suite of specialized technical consulting services geared towards problems experienced in the environmental community. In fact, our clients appreciate our advanced capabilities and services in even the most technically-demanding areas of environmental engineering, where our innovative solutions have always saved time and money through reduced mitigation requirements.


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Specifically, ISE provides expert consultation, field monitoring and technical assessments, in the fields of environmental acoustics/noise control, vibration, air-quality/GHG conformity, photometric/lighting studies, historic preservation, environmental planning, compliance with CEQA/NEPA, and preparation of Environmental Impact Reports/Studies (EIR / EIS). 

ISE additionally offers specialized technical and laboratory testing services which are beneficial to environmental planners and project applicants, including electromagnetic assessments, mass spectrographic testing of gaseous samples, and GIS mapping solutions.

Featured Video Clip

A video taken by ISE showing an excavation blast at the OMWD dam site in 2001. 

Due to the close proximity of the blast to sensitive infrastructure, ISE set up a remote monitoring and recording station at the location shown in the video. The results are quite spectacular, if not a little dusty...