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When knowing the correct cause-and-effect of an engineering problem is of paramount importance, think Investigative Science & Engineering, Inc. (ISE). We approach the problem of engineering forensics, not as others do using rules-of-thumb or best consensus, but from the fundamentals of physical science - where there can only be one answer, the correct one.


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Investigative Science & Engineering, Inc. specializes in general accident reconstructions, as well as kinetic (properties of force) and kinematic (properties of motion) analyses. We also perform environmental effects analysis to determine whether or not something is a man-made failure, or just the environment wearing it out. So whether it's construction defect issues, accidents, or the catastrophic failure of an engineering system, we're here to provide the answers. 

...and should you need us, it's good to know that ISE has worked in the expert witness field for close to two decades, providing expert opinions and testimony, scientific demonstrations for trial settings and mediations, as well as bringing attorneys and other experts 'up to speed' in scientific principles that might be tangential to their area of expertise.

Featured Video Clip

ISE performing load testing of concrete test specimens to determine its axial compressive failure characteristics.  

In this example, you can see quite dramatically how concrete fails under a compressive load. Once the ultimate stress is reached, the load carrying capacity of the material rapidly drops off producing the fracturing seen in the video.