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Aeroelastic & Gas Dynamics Analysis at ISE

ISE is one of the only consulting firms specializing in the commercial solution of aeroelastic and high-speed flow problems for clients. Because we're trained as aerospace engineers, we tend to look at all structures as they actually are - semi-rigid objects subjected to inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces. This insight gives ISE and advantage when it comes to analyzing complex engineering problems for our clients. 

Further, ISE's staff is experienced in computational gas dynamics and the associated thermodynamic challenges. We know that you can only push a fluid so far until the underlying acoustic theories have to step-aside for a more complex and rigorous treatment. 

Some of our past efforts have involved:

  • Acoustic analysis and prediction of high-pressure gas pipeline blow-down events.
  • Aeroelastic analysis and design on consumer products.
  • Low speed and high speed wind tunnel testing protocols for clients.
  • Dynamic divergence, flutter, and plunge-stability studies for clients.
  • Vortex-induced (wind turbine) noise assessments for clients.
  • Active and passive noise control technology.
  • Acoustical laboratory testing.

Featured Video Clip

ISE performing load testing of concrete test specimens to determine its axial compressive failure characteristics.  

In this example, you can see quite dramatically how concrete fails under a compressive load. Once the ultimate stress is reached, the load carrying capacity of the material rapidly drops off producing the fracturing seen in the video.