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Environmental Impact Reporting

All of ISE’s technical services are available in a variety of environmental formats to satisfy local, state, and federal reporting requirements. ISE has prepared over the years, every manner of environmental documentation including CEQA and NEPA technical assessments, environmental initial studies (IS), mitigated negative declarations (MND), federal no significant impact statements (FONSI), and Environmental Impact Reports (EIR’s) / Environmental Impact Statements (EIS’s).

ISE has also co-authored numerous environmental documents with larger A&E firms, providing necessary technical subject matter and focused environmental sections as part of a larger document.

Featured Video Clip

A video taken by ISE showing an excavation blast at the OMWD dam site in 2001. 

Due to the close proximity of the blast to sensitive infrastructure, ISE set up a remote monitoring and recording station at the location shown in the video. The results are quite spectacular, if not a little dusty...