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Advanced Acoustical Modeling Using IS3

The current version of the ISE Industrial Source Model (IS3) is sure to make the competitors cringe. Version 3.9 touts some highly advanced features such as the ability to model complete internal reflection, multiple material attenuative sources, variable propagation rates and source types, and atmospheric scattering effects.

This version, in addition to representing a complete overhaul of the code, was optimized to  streamline the input and output tasks for the end user. Adaptation of the Apple XGRID technology is currently being examined as a variant to the IS3 program, since most internal tasks can be performed in a parallel fashion.

Other firms merely talk about being able to do noise contouring; ISE sets the standard by developing the technology and taking the visualization process to levels 'unheard of' before. Imagine what IS3 could do for your project...  

ISE is currently woking away on Version 4.0 of the IS3 Model. This program build, in addition to including yet more features and far-field physics, is expected to be ISE's first commercial release of the product for use by everyone. Stay tuned for more details.