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Kinetic & Kinematic Analyses at ISE

At the heart of any forensic problem involving the laws of physics are two fundamental quantities: the path of the action under investigation (kinematics), and the forces involved to produce the observed motion (kinetics). ISE utilizes its strong background in engineering mechanics to solve problems of this type, and applies the findings to clients’ specific needs.

Typical forensic services under this category include:

  • Forensic field examinations, inspections, and documentation under full chain of custody.
  • General and specific particle motion analysis using vector methods.
  • Linear and non-linear motion analysis under multi-degree-of-freedom conditions. 
  • Determination of specific impulse, momentum, and force properties to accident problems.
  • Computer modeling and simulations.
  • Litigation scientific research assistance.
  • Scientific coaching.
  • Expert witness services.

Featured Video Clip

A video taken by ISE showing the supersonic expansion of high pressure natural gas in a pipeline. 

The shock wave is clearly visible at the 1:00 min mark as a white cloud above the end of the pipe and produces an acoustic overpressure of close to 140 dB - which is as loud as a rocket engine.