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Computational Fluid Dynamics at ISE

ISE are experts in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wave propagation analysis. We utilize, and have developed numerous predictive computer codes to help our clients understand the effects and impacts from subsonic, transonic, and supersonic flows associated with acoustic wave propagation, aerodynamic flow, rotor and fan wash, vortex shedding, and high pressure sources.

Our CFD capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Predictive modeling strategies.
  • Advanced acoustical propagation analysis.
  • Fluid-structure interaction studies including added-mass effects.
  • Dynamic vortex flutter and instability analysis.
  • Predictive model development for client-specific needs.
  • Web interactive CFD acoustical models for clients.

Featured Video Clip

A video taken by ISE showing the supersonic expansion of high pressure natural gas in a pipeline. 

The shock wave is clearly visible at the 1:00 min mark as a white cloud above the end of the pipe and produces an acoustic overpressure of close to 140 dB - which is as loud as a rocket engine.