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R-Wave Seismic Blasting Model

The ISE Rayleigh Wave (R-Wave) seismic vibration prediction model hit another milestone in 2011 in development by being able to accurately predict surface freight and commuter rail motion to within an accuracy of one-foot (actual mileage may vary depending on how good your soil data is).

For years, the model has been routinely able to handle multiple blasting sources with accuracy far greater than that predicted by the DuPont equation or any of the widely used semi-empirical methods found in the journals or the ISEE Blaster's Handbook. Now, incorporating the eigenfunctions from years of modal analysis of different soil types has improved the accuracy of less-impactive sources greatly.

The R-Wave model is still, alas, a research tool requiring the user to know what he/she is doing to get accurate results. In the right hands, though, the results are spectacular. The photo is a sample output showing our favorite hypothetical one-kiloton underground nuclear blast.